For those of you that are interested please see an overview of the technology we deploy:

The Circuit

We refer to the fibre optic connection between your premises and the broadcasters as a Circuit. This circuit in reality actually passes through our connection points known as PoP's (Points of presence). Think of a PoP as a junction box connecting point A (you) to point B (the broadcaster).

Our Network

We are connected to the major news broadcasters such BBC News and Sky News directly via our Layer 2 to network. Layer 2 is fit for this purpose, is referred to as flat, is point to point which reduces complexity and ensures reliability.


We use light compression to send the video and audio over the circuit, there two main reason for this:

1. Compressing (like zipping)  the signals that goto the broadcaster ensures the space needed over the circuit known as bandwidth is reduced. This in-turn keeps the cost of the circuit down.

2. This technology produces very little latency. When we refer to latency we mean delay. We ensure the delay is such that you will never experience those awkward moments when the broadcaster asks a question and it takes a while for the other end to hear this, resulting in talking over each other or long uncomfortable delays.

Talk Back

Before going on air you place clip on a microphone and an earpiece. This allows a "Two Way"  conversation between you and the remote broadcasters production gallery. This is essential to make sure the booking goes without a hitch.  In telecoms and broadcast we refer to this as a 4 Wire.