Square Mile TV Ltd is part of Broadcast Media Communications Ltd (BMCUK). Broadcasting is part of BMCUK’s DNA; we are a provider of specialist broadcast engineering products and services. BMCUK own a fibre network in Central London and are connected to every major carrier at their facility close to the City of London.


BMCUK have a track record of designing and delivering broadcast critical projects “On Air, On Time”. BMCUK has been trusted to deliver end to end solutions of high profile sporting and media events like the World Cup in South Africa where they were sole providers to the BBC. 

Most recently delivered services at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and the European Football Championships from Poland and the Ukraine. 

Our Projects


One of the worlds leading investment banks, is focusing strongly on the media with their new London studio, installed by BMCUK, taking up only a few square metres of space. Through Square Mile TV the new 
studio has become an effective global communications centre, instrumental in securing Saxobank exposure across Danish and international media. With this solution, live commentaries from 
Saxobank’s financial experts can be on air within a few minutes.

Nelson Mandela Funeral

Live coverage of Nelson Mandela’s funeral and 5 days of buildup from South Africa was delivered to the BBC News Channel by BMCUK fibre infrastructure and our partnership with Cobbett Hill Teleport’s, with thier C-Band infrastructure and BMCUK’s diverse terrestrial fibre network provided a seamless delivery of video footage from this historic event.


Providing straightforward and competitive products and exceptional  customer service to British consumers and SMEs. We initially provided broadcast consultancy to assess if their intranet was “video ready”. 
This progressed to us designing a full multisite streaming solution for high profile internal & external communications including off site external venue capability via satellite.


Wimbledon 2013 & 14 - “The Championship” Our Square Mile TV network node in the City of London helped us provide full route diversity for this prestigious sporting event, combined with provision of compression technologies to deliver multiple HD video services, multiple audios and talkback back to BBC Broadcasting House.